My membership experience with CIPR

Credit: CIPR membership event on 9th June 2021

My name is Lingyu; I work for a science community-based in Cambridge under the Marketing and Communication Directory. On top of that, I am a proud committee member volunteering for CIPR East Anglia.  

My journey with CIPR began in early 2020, not too long ago compared to many of the others. Although I worked in the field for almost ten years after my Master’s degree, I never actually thought about belonging to any professional group. Initially, I joined because I wanted to keep my yearly CPD going and keep updated with knowledge and learn the latest comms insight. But after I joined CIPR, I was widely exposed to so many other excellent benefits. For example, the fantastic networking opportunities, CPD training database, and many more, which can be found at  

Looking back at 2020, when I first joined the CIPR, I luckily attended a few offline net-working events organised by CIPR EA in Cambridge. As a result, I met comms professionals in the region. These networking opportunities open more doors for me. Subsequently, our current Chair Ruth invited me to join the lovely Committee as the event lead last year. I was thrilled to have the chance of being part of the CIPR EA family. We have so far worked as a strong team, successfully delivering many events; our most recent proud example is the Bitesize Conferences, a comms conference parting with many industry-leading speakers across three months. I thoroughly enjoyed working on various projects with my committee team, who are from diverse backgrounds. Some are digital experts, some are well-round skilled comms lead, and some are media savvy. We pulled together as a team, contributing skills and perspectives to impact the comms industry. I feel proud of being part of it.  

Not only have I met my original objectives of joining CIPR as a member, but also I made the best use of many of the membership benefits to advance myself further. Last year, I took the Chartership assessment. I passed it to be a qualified Charted PR, which in return significantly boosted my confidence. By receiving the title, I have also gained recognition and credibility to be a qualified comms professional.  

That’s my concise but maybe quite intensive experience with CIPR; however, Everything I had experience with CIPR is welcoming, supportive, and friendly; I am feeling part of it. So I hope you can join the journey with me, be a member, get the support you need and enjoy the enormous benefits.  

If you have more any membership, volunteering and Chartership assessment questions, please feel free to reach me via my twitter.  

Thank you for your time. And thank you, CIPR team.