Sue founded digital marketing agency Sookio in 2008, after a career spent crafting content for the BBC,, Yahoo, Aol and Magic FM. Her award-winning Cambridge-based agency specialises in content creation – like copywriting, video and social media campaigns – coupled with expert strategy and training.
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Sue’s entitled her talk Social media strategy: Don’t be a kneejerk!

We should be on Snapchat! Let’s start a podcast! Why aren’t we TikTok famous yet?
It’s always tempting to go chasing after the latest trend, but will it help you achieve your client’s actual goals?
In this lively breakout session, social media specialist Sue Keogh will share some simple steps to deciding what will be a good fit. She’ll talk about different fads that have come and gone over the last ten years – and those which look set to last.

Sue’s talk will take place 29th April, 12:30-13:30. Book your ticket now: