Barney Brown

Barney Brown’s career in Digital Communications has been split between web development and communications teams spanning the education sector, the Forestry Commission and the music industry. As head of Digital Communications at the University of Cambridge, Barney leads an award-winning team of ten focusing on the production of guidelines and assets to aid in the management of thousands of websites and social media profiles. He is now co-leading the setup of a new team which will use a new Digital Presence Strategy to transform the way the University builds websites over the next five years and beyond.

Barney’s talk is on ‘A modern digital strategy for a historic global brand’ – a story about how the University of Cambridge is seeking to take millions of web pages, thousands of websites and, through the work of hundreds of web editors, make them more usable, accessible and inspiring for people all over the world. Behind the work is a new digital strategy which will form the basis of the University taking new approaches to user experience, governance, training, tools and development. This talk will take a quick look back to approaches the University has taken in the past and how the planned new approaches hope to bring about a new business as usual, for a necessarily unusual institution.

Read Barney’s guest blog reflecting on how the need for a new digital strategy for the University of Cambridge is more critical than ever in these unusual times.

Barney’s talk will take place 15th April, 12:30-13:30. Book your ticket now: