13:00 Registration

13:15 Welcome from CIPR President-Elect | Emma Leech
Emma will outline her priorities for the CIPR and the profession more broadly, and highlight some of the key challenges that communicators face and how they can be navigated and overcome.

13:45 Entrepreneurial spirit and PR | Ronke Lawal  
Are there lessons PR professionals can learn from entrepreneurs? A high-energy and interactive session about innovation and PR.

14:15 Breakout session 1. Three topics to choose from:

  • Choosing champions and leveraging leaders | Jo Bland
    In partnership with CIPR Inside
    How can communicators identify and optimise the influence of organisational leaders as champions? Jo will share her experience and learning from a recent campaign, including the tools and tactics they used, to create a buzz around their female tech leaders at NHS Digital – a campaign which blurred the boundaries between internal and external.
  • Are you crisis comms ready? | Riku Heikkilä and Callum Laidlow
    In partnership with the CIPR MarComms group
    Using CNC‘s Situation Room tool, Riku and Callum will bring to life contemporary crisis management and the work that can be done to prepare and mitigate an issue. The session will address: What work can be done beforehand to ensure speed and efficiency of response? How can social media can be best managed and used to positive effect when an issue arises? What should the balance be between internal and external communications and how should this be managed and prioritised? In the session participants will work through scenarios together and be asked to share their experience, ask questions, debate and vote on how to respond.
  • Influencer relations: Getting it right | Scott Guthrie
    How can we seize the opportunities created from a fragmentated media landscape? How does the evolution of media relations into influencer relations affect us? Scott will share hints and tips about how to find the most relevant influencer, how to create long-term relationships with influencers and how to measure success.

15:00 Break

15:15  Agile Public Relations  | Rachel Picken
Agile is one of those words that gets bandied around the boardroom and is often present in Bullsh*t Bingo. What does it actually mean to be Agile, and how can PR practitioners use it? Rachel will take you from the birthplace of Agile in the software industry, to how it works within PR teams and campaign planning.

15:45 The key to brand building, technically speaking | Fiona Hughes
How does PR reach its full potential, and help brands to do the same? Now that the media is the least trusted institution globally, what should the priorities be for those protecting and building brands? Fiona will draw upon her experiences of creating award-nominated campaigns with PR at their heart, for Huawei Consumer Business Group, which is now the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world.  The session will share case studies and best practice of H+K Strategies’ work, to share how to build successful consumer lifestyle communications campaigns

16:15 Breakout session 2. Three topics to choose from:

  • Social media: Be bold, be brave | Helen Reynolds
    Communicators are more than just in-house reporters and do more than report the perfect and glossy stories for organisations. We listen, we shape decision-making – and we take the rough with the smooth. But the latter can be scary for organisations, especially on social media. How can PR pros get the support to use social media to its fullest potential? How can we ensure our organisations get the community support and awareness they desire, and fight through the fear of being criticised?
  • Employee experience and internal communications | Adele McIntosh
    In partnership with CIPR Inside
    Drawing on her role leading internal communications as part of the Organisational Experience team at Arm, Adele will discuss the concept of employee experience and the role internal communications plays in this, what this means for employee-facing communicators and the conversations they should be having with the business, and how positioning internal comms as an integral part of employee experience can lead to better insights and more value for the organisation.
  • Making the complex simple | Rita Carolan
    In partnership with the CIPR MarComms group
    Making complicated matters understandable to the general public is a difficult task and one that Rita deals with every day. Working for the UK’s leading independent financial regulator whose raison d’etre is to promote trust in business, Rita knows the power of using simple language to communicate complex subjects across many different sectors. In this session you will explore different tools and techniques that can sustain interest to ensure optimum engagement with all stakeholders.

17:00 Conference closes. Please stay for drinks!